About our company


A strong leadership presence within the hospitality industry defines Premier Hospitality® today. We specialize in bringing to life hotels and resorts, which we create from the very inception of the idea of world class business and leisure travel. We have a proven track record, as the hospitality leader in the hospitality sector.

It is our unbridled commitment to solidify professional relationships with hospitality chains, investment groups, and individuals to build hotels that not only meet, but also exceed today’s business and leisure traveler. From selecting the right geographical location, to acquiring the real estate, and from proposing winning architectural plans to supervising the hotel’s construction, this is the commitment we have to our current and future guests. Come stay with Premier Hospitality®, one of Premier Petroleum’s family of businesses.


homepage-about-1Our Hilton hotel management team drives the brand experience to unleash the unexpected. When you stay with Premier Hospitality® Hilton, both you and our management team invest in your overall stay experience. Our hospitality operations team, is laser focused on insuring you have the best possible stay experience. Premier’s properties are in the right place, at the right time, at the right price.


homepage-about-2Your travel experience is our primary motive. Premier Hospitality® Marriott, is developing luxury projects that will be best in sector properties, as Premier owns and manage the properties. Premier works on core property operations with Marriott management, to deliver the best possible Marriott experience for business and leisure traveling customer. Premier’s properties are in the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

Exceptional development of premier hotel brands in Atlanta

Discover an exceptional development of premier hotel brands in Atlanta capturing the personality of the city and attracting visitors from all over the world. Premier Petroleum Hospitality® is one of the fastest evolving hotel management companies in the nation, that is known to deliver exceptional results in hotel management industry. Among our various attractive hotel properties, you can witness a unique style, bespoke structure, and sublime settings.

Premier Petroleum Hospitality® focuses on bringing life to all the projects. From the very beginning of a hotel development to the idea of transforming it into a viable and impressive hotel venture, Premier Petroleum® Hospitality not only limit the services to the development but also take it to prudently managing the assets. With a proven track record of delivering excellence, we are ranked as one of the best hotel management companies in Georgia.

An Inspired Methodology

Collaborating with nation’s top hospitality brands, we bring advanced standards of hotel operations management to the hospitality space. Structuring a strong partnership with owners, investors, and developers, Premier Petroleum Hospitality provides the full-fledged solution to today’s hospitality needs.

Driven by a well-versed team to bring unrivaled services and giving the highest level of satisfaction to our customers, Premier Petroleum Hospitality® focuses on redefining hospitality property development and management. We aim to reach and accomplish new levels of hospitality throughout the nation. We aim to maximize the customer experience by driving world class customer service.

Our Philosophy

Building a robust financial base, careful asset management, and transforming results to satiating guest experiences defines Premier Petroleum Hospitality®’s name in the competitive market. We do not invest in buildings, we invest in vision to cultivate growth and long-term success.

A strong leadership presence and our passion for hospitality unite us to deliver a phenomenal experience in each project. We are characterized by our values and fundamentals that helps is in creating prosperous hotel ventures.

Premier Petroleum Hospitality

Our Values

Our values lies in the commitment to provide outstanding and exceptional services for successful hotel property management ventures. Premier Petroleum Hospitality® have productively managed hotels and properties as if they are owned by us. We welcome any opportunity looking forward to maximizing their business operations and profitability.

Managing hotels from coast to coast, reviewing equilibrium of present hotel condition, evaluating the position among the competition, and implementing a hotel development and management plan for unparalleled success. Renowned for our integrity and reliability, we generate implausible results in this cut-throat competition.

Our Vision

Experience the lavishness and charismatic allure of Premier Petroleum Hospitality®’s premier hotel sites. Our clients are our foundation. Thus, we aim to provide exceptional services that exceeds your expectation. Our vision is to make our client happy when we hand them the key. Premier Hospitality®’s  energetically accelerating portfolio of award-winning sites such as Marriott hotel development drove us to where we are today.

Other than the successful completion of your hotel project, we craft bespoke strategies that focus on improving your sales and revenue. We strive to be a leader in independent hospitality industry by providing genuine services, ethical values, and comprehensive supervision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reward our clients, partners, and brand owners who have entrusted us for the development and management of their properties, with a sustainable development strategy and a dedication to an exclusive service culture.

Premier Petroleum Hospitality® offers turnkey services commencing from geographical location to concept planning and institution of facilities. Our goal is to maximize your potency and return. You can count on us, as we believe that commissioning a hotel is a beginning on new relationships, so setting a foot on this journey with mutual support and trust will aid in crafting an emerging venture of success.