Simplify your Upselling throughout your Hotel Chain

Simplify your Upselling throughout your Hotel Chain

Upselling has been more important in the hotel sector in recent years. It’s no surprise, because a successful upselling approach may considerably increase a hotel’s income. Is upselling, however, good for all types of hotels? Is it a good investment for your hotel?

Based on recent benchmark analysis and hospitality management services in Atlanta, this article provides a comparison of upselling performance by hotel type.

Identify your Customers

To begin, you’ll need to determine which clients are ideal candidates for upselling and cross-selling. Not every consumer is a suitable fit for an upsell, and you should never try to persuade someone who doesn’t need more items or services. As a general guideline, if you can’t demonstrate how to upsell help the consumer would achieve their overall goals, it’s not an upsell worth pursuing.

It’s difficult to know when to integrate upselling into your hotel’s sales cycle. Because the goal of upselling is to improve the guest’s experience, it may be used at any point in the sales process as long as the benefit is obvious.

Enhance Guest Experience

On your website’s final booking page, you may provide things that will improve your guests’ experience. Your customer has already opted to buy from you and maybe prepared to pay a little extra for an experience that they consider to be more valuable. All of these improvements should be relevant to your target demographic and tailored using whatever information you’ve obtained about your visit in advance.

Consider a popup that displays on your website when clients access their booking or a slideshow that highlights several packages they might be interested in to bring guests’ attention to your increased booking possibilities. You could also use a plugin to insert upselling information on the booking page based on the customer’s behavior.

Improve Guest Loyalty

As a hotel business, you need to upsell to visitors while they’re checking out or after they’ve departed! During the check-out process, your front desk personnel can inquire about the guest’s experience, invite them to join your loyalty program, or give them a discount or complimentary breakfast on their next stay.

Post-stay emails thanking them for their visit can help push return offers after they’ve checked out. Using unique offers to entice consumers to return strengthens the guest connection and allows you to upsell to them in the future.

Leverage Post-Stay Operations

Don’t overlook opportunities to upsell at check out and after your stay as part of your upselling plan. You may increase revenue as well as your internet reputation by using them.

For instance, as your customers check out, your front-desk personnel can propose them a discount for their next stay in exchange for their leaving a review on third-party websites about their experience. This also applies to acts taken after a visit, such as thank-you emails accompanied by return offers and links to hotel review websites.

You may also use your guest engagement platform to track answers and profit from post-stay surveys. You’ll be able to see dissatisfied customers in real-time and intervene to alter their opinions.


Your group-wide upsell effort will be more effective if you follow the methods indicated above. If each property is responsible for its own upselling campaign, however, putting these concepts into practice can be difficult. Though as the hotel development company in Atlanta, GA adding these can serve as an advantage to your hotel business.. In such instances, you’ll have to rely on busy operations teams to implement or test the latest offer.